Six young men from Hamburg, Leipzig and Berlin set out to show how our world sounds: Intergalactic Jazz, Dub and Drum’n’Bass in the here and now.

Unpathetic and purposeful, they whip their rocket right with the first chord towards outer space. Once beyond the stratosphere, the musicians turn around and look towards Earth: with their musical expedition, the spacemen create a very personal distortion of the impressions of this world – before they land back on Earth and count down for the next launch.

In the past few years, we played shows at venues and festivals like Elbphilharmonie Hamburg, Fusion Festival, Jazz & The City Festival Salzburg, Elbjazz Festival Hamburg, Boiler House London, and published music through the JazzLab label.

Philipp Püschel – Trumpet
Lasse Golz – Tenor Saxophone
Valentin Mühlberger – Keys, Synths
Paul David Heckhausen – Synths, Electronics, Percussion
Bertram Burkert – Guitar
Felix Dehmel – Drums

I compose, produce and play live with ROCKET MEN.