Expect live acoustic drumming combined with melodic Deep House and Techno with world music influences – sometimes underneath the ocean, between the stars, in the far east, or just right in the heart of Berlin!

The Berlin-based Producer, Composer and Drummer takes the audience on a cinematic journey and dives into deep and melodic spaces. He always keeps the right balance between an energetic flow, ecstatic climaxes and dreamy breakdowns. In his sets, you will always recognize his distinctive, warm and lively sound completed by his Originals’ lyrical and detailed style.

In the past years, you found him playing on venues like the FUSION (GER), the FEEL (GER) and the GARBICZ (PL) Festival or in Berlin’s Clubs such as SISYPHOS and KELLER. He toured in Denmark, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Germany with his electroacoustic project “Schattenspiel” where he combines electronic dance music with live Cello. His Originals and Remixes have been released on labels such as TRAUM Schallplatten, Rebellion der Träumer and Cosmic Society.