NORLYZ – Djembé

For the Single “Djembé” by the electro-acoustic live act NORLYZ, I wrote, recorded, played the synths & drums and produced the music.

Djembé – the first single of the electro-acoustic live act NORLYZ. Crisp horn rhythms superimposed over a pulsating web of polyrhythmic drum and synthesizer patterns. After the opening of alert suspense the scene starts to rotate: a lift-off towards distant shores.

The electro-acoustic live band unites the warmth and fragility of acoustic instruments with the precision and power of the electronics: captivating grooves rich in fine sonic details, inspired by techno, world music and jazz. Guiding the audience NORLYZ embarks on a journey through parallel worlds, mystical lands and cinematic soundscapes. While following an intricate dramaturgy, the project leaves space for creative improvisation between the 4 musicians aiming to elevate each other and the overall experience.

Paul David Heckhausen as founder, producer, composer and live musician is the driving force of NORLYZ. As a drummer and pianist he comes from rock and jazz music, traveled and drummed for a year in Brazil and finally studied composition and music production in the Netherlands. After a phase as a DJ, he followed up on his urge to play more live again and to combine electronic with acoustic music. So he founded Schattenspiel, the predecessor project which is known today in a new line-up as NORLYZ.

Cellist Gábor Hartyáni comes from Hungary, lived and studied in the Netherlands, and has a penchant for groove, world music and jazz. He has been playing with Schattenspiel since 2019.

Trumpeter Philipp Püschel and saxophonist Lasse Golz met while studying jazz in Hamburg. The two play together with Paul in the space jazz band ROCKET MEN, among others, as well as regularly with the techno marching band MEUTE. Philipp and Paul know each other from their time together in a big band in Hannover.

SCHATTENSPIEL played frequently on festivals like Distortion Copenhagen (DK), Eurosonic (NL) or Detect Classic at Funkhaus Berlin as well as club shows at Sisyphos and Mensch Meier Berlin to mention a few. Several singles as well as an EP were released on the labels “Rebellion der Träumer” and “Traum Schallplatten” in the past years.

Philipp Püschel – Trumpet, Flügelhorn
Lasse Golz – Tenor Saxophone, Bass Clarinet
Gábor Hartyáni – Cello
Paul David Heckhausen – Synthesizer, Ableton, Handpan, Percussion
Tjard Wobig – Light


Mixed by Hannes Bieger
Mastered by Calyx Mastering

Release Date: 29.07.2022
Label: NORLYZ Music