Piano meets Paul!

This is a research project and an experiment: an acoustic piano in combination with analogue, non-computer based effects -or- how to build an electro-acoustic piano?

Electroacoustic music has been the center of my artistic work for over a decade. During this time I have experimented and researched a lot and sooner or later I have always come back to the question of how electroacoustic music can be played or created as intuitively as possible. Especially lately I have become more and more aware that creative, artistic work with a focus on computer programs, despite or perhaps because of the infinite possibilities and constant technical innovations, rather distracts me from the musical essence and is physically very exhausting. Now I want to get away from the computer and play and compose closer to the instrument.

With “Piano meets Paul!” I want to focus on my acoustic piano in combination with analog or non-computer based effects.

For this project I received the Musikfond e.V. scholarship between December 2022 and May 2023.. In the album “Circles” you find the results. Thank you very much!