Schattenspiel Scene #1: WASSERRAUM

5 levels beneath the earth’s surface – 37 seconds of reverb – a cold and dark space to get lost!

At a secret place close to Berlin, we’ve found a room we’d never seen before and will probably never find again. No chance to keep us away! So we took a hang, a drum, a camera and the best microphones we could get to bring you at least a tiny bit of these overwhelming moments we were allowed to experience.

Take a little time. Grab your best headphones or speakers. Lean back and enjoy WASSERRAUM, a one take improvisation by Jaron Tripp, Paul David Heckhausen and Moritz Lohmann. The first piece of work in our new motion picture series SCHATTENSPIEL SCENES. A playground for authentic work with Motion Pictures, Sound and Performing Arts.

Hang: Jaron Tripp
Percussion: Paul David Heckhausen
Light: Alexander Mayer, Jens Hallmann
Camera / Editing: Moritz Lohmann
Audio Recorded / Mixed by: Paul David Heckhausen
Directed by: Moritz Lohmann