JazzLab Compilation 2022 | Vinyl & Digital

For the 2022 Compilation by Hamburg-based Record Label “JazzLab,” I did the mastering. For the track “Rocket Men – Twerk On Neptune” I additionally did the production and mixing.

Tracks included:

KUR – Wild Groove Part 1
ROCKET MEN – Twerk On Neptune
Welten – Thaw
Skilbeck – Tinders Liste
Ufa Palava – Aal-Right
Cubolumos – Zart Zirkulierend

TOYTOY – Dragon Flow
We Don’t Suck We Blow – Nothing Compares To You
Conic Rose – Projekt 6
Noah Rott – Zoe
KUR – Etno Part 2
Ufa Palava – Usually Casual

Release date: 24.06.2022
Label: JazzLab